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Strength and Durability

WeatherShade is constructed from our own exclusive, fully extruded, low corrosive and resilient aluminium components. A system as strong as steel at a third of the weight. Paired with a powder-coated or anodised finish, high-quality marine grade stainless steel fixings and self-lubricating nylon operating gear, WeatherShade will stand up to even the harshest of coastal conditions.


WeatherShade is fully customisable to suit your home and requirements. We offer a bespoke solution and each WeatherShade is a one-off design. Nothing “off the shelf” here!


With its sleek and timeless elegant lines and gently curved blade profile, the WeatherShade is a show stopper. With a choice of finishes, the possibilities are endless. Choose from any standard Dulux or Interpon powder coat colour, an extensive range of Woodlook timbergrain powder coating or go for a classic metallic look with an anodised finish. If you are feeling adventurous – choose a combination of any of the 3! The choice really is yours – no restrictions.

Thermal Efficiency

WeatherShade is the energy-efficient alternative, with a low impact, passive solar design. The WeatherShade blade with its exclusive Aerolone design is highly insulating, utilising its thermal pocket as a barrier between external and internal surfaces. A WeatherShade will naturally cool surrounding structures and areas, giving you additional climate control. The gentle curvature of the blade assists with the deflection of wind and removal of rain from the louvre roof’s surface.

Low Maintenance

As all components and materials have been chosen with the harshest of conditions in mind, the WeatherShade requires very little maintenance. The two main things you need to do are 1) Use it often! 2) A clean down with a soft brush, warm soapy water and a hose off, every 2-3 months.


We consider the addition of a WeatherShade to be a long term investment in your home. With that in mind, the system is designed to operate simply and effectively. By keeping the number of mechanical components to a minimum and of very high quality, your WeatherShade will give you many hassle-free years of outdoor comfort. WeatherShade is built to last!

Environment and Ecology

We believe sustainability is of paramount importance. Aluminium is 100% recyclable. Arguably the most sustainable building material in the world, it requires up to 95% less energy to recycle aluminium than to produce other primary metals. Any production waste generated in the course of constructing your WeatherShade is returned for recycling. We pride ourselves on our low waste methods of manufacturing.

Australian owned and Australian Made

We make it here! We think that stands for a lot. We encourage you to come in and have a cuppa and a chat. Look through our showroom and factory. Get hands-on with the WeatherShade and grab some samples. Of course, having a locally made product means local service and support. It also means quick lead times and turnaround.

We support regional areas

We don’t want you missing out because you aren’t in the Metro. Know a chippy, roof plumber or patio installer? Perhaps you consider yourself quite the proficient DIY’r! We are happy to freight to you in kit form with detailed installation instructions. YES, it can be done and we are only a phone call away if you need a hand!

In house Building service

WeatherShade comes with an in house building service. We can assist you with engineering, design solutions and integration options, council applications, and permits. We can even be your Builder for the job if you don’t have one already. We have got it all covered!

The Specs.

WeatherShade’s powder coated or anodised full perimeter frames and blades are constructed with aluminium for uncompromising product longevity. The structure is highly water resistant and needs minimal maintenance (just regular operation, soapy water and a soft brush and hose off from time to time!) The system can be electronically or manually operable and can be integrated to the home automation system. WeatherShade is fitted with a full perimeter, exclusively designed extruded aluminium gutter. No pressed sheet metal here!