Architectural Function and Form = WeatherShade louvre roof

A Sunlite WeatherShade operable louvre roof brings out the best in your external living spaces. Sheltered from the storm or shaded from the sun – WeatherShade gives you year round use of your outdoor areas and the power to reclaim your open air lifestyle.

WeatherShade is an entirely customisable package. When it comes to eco-consciousness and ultra luxe function, WeatherShade is the only choice.

WeatherShade by Sunlite

Shading is the key to energy-efficient architecture.

WeatherShade’s opening roof system is designed to maximise the benefits of solar gain while minimising the harmful effects of the sun. Outdoor areas can be effortlessly transformed into year round functional space, no matter the weather.

Outdoor Louvres for outdoor living

With the heat of the long Australian summer and the heavy downpours of the Australian winter – The WeatherShade louvre roof is designed and optimised for these harsh conditions. The WeatherShade is a marine grade, low maintenance system, engineered for effortless operation.


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